Hello, 2023

Hi there! This is me, just checking in. I took a bit of an extended holiday break, hence the lack of New Release Tuesday posts. What I've Been Reading I'm…

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A Very Spoilery Chat: It Ends With Us Review

I underestimated Colleen Hoover. Truly. She's just so prolific that I suppose I pegged her for a churn-it-out kind of author, and I had never bothered to read her before this one. My friend who I do most of my buddy reads with, actually, is the one that put me onto It Ends With Us. I didn't agree to a buddy read in a timely enough manner, so she went ahead and then recommended it again. That got my attention -- I like a pre-vetted read by someone I trust. (Don't we all?) And now I see what the hype is about.

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