Bedside Beauty: My Nighttime Routine

  • Post last modified:October 16, 2021

Bedside beauty routines for improved sleep


My bed truly is my favorite place in the world (I’m currently writing this while all snuggled up), which is ironic because I have struggled with insomnia since college. The only thing that has seemed to help improve my sleep is a bedtime ritual — I don’t mean using just any one product, but the actual act of getting ready for sleep in a purposeful and routine way. These are the items I’ve been using in my nightly routine for the past few months and absolutely love.

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My Nightly Routine


Jade Roller

Not sure these were ever actually proven to be as magical as everyone says they are, but I will say that the bedtime routine of rubbing a cold stone over a freshlymoisturized face is good enough for me even without the health benefits. It feels amazing.

Pill Organizer

We should absolutely normalize using pill organizers in our youth. Old people are not the only ones who forget to take their nighttime medicine, y’all. At the beginning of each week, I just portion my medications out into this thing and it’s a billion times easier and less

stressful at bedtime. No more sticking my fingers into tiny pill bottles and counting every morning and evening. It also frees up a lot of space by my bed since I don’t constantly keep my pill bottles there, and personally, I find that clutter doesn’t help the anxiety. Just embrace the things that make life easier.


Lip Exfoliator

Who isn’t obsessed with a good lip exfoliator? This vanilla version is also the best smelling/tasting one I’ve tried since Lush’s bubblegum sugar scrub (you know the one I’m talking about). I don’t know why, but there’s just something about going to bed with soft lips.

Hydrating Lip Mask

After I scratch my lips to death this buttercream hydrating mask is super-soothing and again, smells incredible. Only using it at bedtime means I now associate these scents with sleep, although it is thin enough you could use this as an everyday balm if you wanted to.

In case you want both, they conveniently come in a pack: Lip Treatment Kit

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Back to scents — I’m a lavender lover (literally my soap, shampoo, lotion — everything I have is lavender). I absolutely believe in the power of essential oils, and this blend of Lavender and Camomile is actually a heavenly drug. I used to drink Camomile tea at night purely because the smell relaxed me before bed, but now I just spray this baby on my sheets and pillow every night.

(Note: The spray linked here is not the exact product but a similar one.)


Honestly, the water bottle isn’t the feature — hydration is. (I bought my boyfriend one because we both keep water on our bedside tables at nighttime, but he kept stealing mine instead of using his own.)

Blue Light Glasses

Listen, I do realize that as someone with insomnia the first thing I should do is give up electronics to try and improve my sleep. But the truth is, we all have flaws and I regularly fall asleep in bed with my phone in hand. Plus, I have noticed a difference in my headaches after using these. These particular glasses are in “Sea Tortoise”.

Light Therapy Lamp

Light therapy lamps help regulate your circadian rhythm, getting your sleep back on track

I got started on these when I moved from Georgia to Pennsylvania for college and became ill and sad within a year. Winters were especially brutal — I had never realized how much I depended on sunlight since I had it all my life. Luckily the counseling center at my school allowed students to borrow them, and it made me feel like a literal sunflower when I turned it on. Now I always have it around, even in summer, just in case. Therapy lamps also supposedly help with getting your circadian rhythm back on track, so I usually turn this guy on for about twenty minutes in the morning while I do my makeup and have coffee. Maybe it’s a placebo effect, but I think a little help letting my body know that it’s time to wake up pays off at bedtime.


That’s all for now — what are your bedtime rituals?







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