Top New Book Releases for August 30, 2022

We're gonna try something new, because I feel like I just don't cover all the books that I want to cover on this blog. Obviously, my reading pace is limited, but there are so many new releases out there that deserve love and attention. I'm going to start this weekly series highlighting the books I'm most excited to see out in the world.

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A Very Spoilery Chat: It Ends With Us Review

I underestimated Colleen Hoover. Truly. She's just so prolific that I suppose I pegged her for a churn-it-out kind of author, and I had never bothered to read her before this one. My friend who I do most of my buddy reads with, actually, is the one that put me onto It Ends With Us. I didn't agree to a buddy read in a timely enough manner, so she went ahead and then recommended it again. That got my attention -- I like a pre-vetted read by someone I trust. (Don't we all?) And now I see what the hype is about.

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Review: Book Lovers by Emily Henry

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I've always found a self-aware book to be a bit cheaty -- just acknowledging that you are using cliches and then going ahead and writing it anyways feels like laziness. We all know that books are just stories recycled and rewritten and I think we are all willing to engage in a little suspension of disbelief together. But this one worked.

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